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   (*ACCESSORIES means items under these categories - Wigs, BJD Eyes, Eyeglasses, Eyelash,
   Clothes, Shoes, Shoes MS, Other . )
* Free Express Shipping to USA, Canada, UK: for most doll over 40cm or body over 55cm (no acc. required).
* Free Air Mail Shipping: For orders over $35, doll under 46cm.

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New BJD Clothes and Shoes

Discontinuing Dolls

2D Doll Discontinuing Dolls & Event, 30% off

New Dolls

RD New - 12% off
Doll Zone Limited Dolls
Charm New - 15% off
Maskcat Doll New Dolls
DF-H New Doll and New Body, 12% - 15% off
Chateau New - 12% off
Ring Doll New - 10% off
Miracle New - 10% off
Dream Valley New Limited Dolls - 10% off
LoongSoul New Limited Doll
Aimerai New - 10% off
TD New - 10% off
Huajing Doll New Dolls
Gaia 44cm, 10% off
LoongSoul New Doll & Body
Ring Doll New Dolls, 8% - 10% off
Charm Doll Aria, 15% off
New Ring Dolls
MYOU New Doll
Gem New Dolls - 15% off

More New BJD Outfits

New BJD Shoes

BJD Wigs

BJD Eyes

BJD Shoes

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